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Our Vision & Mission

We are here to install
new technologies.

As MidesX staff, we aim to make the game we designed take part in the Metaverse universe in the future, and to integrate the user/player into this virtual universe.

Thanks to the service we present on APK and the web browser, our mission is to make daily contributions to all users' budget and give a chance to people who cannot perform sports activities due to their health conditons, to be a star player in the Metaverse universe.

What is MidesX?

Real world or virtual world

Stage One

Midesx is a Metaverse project that act as a bridge between the real world and the virtual world, is supported with smart contracts by writing certain rules and algorithms. It is a decenteralized game system that is secured by the smart contracts which are established on blockchain database by using ethereum platform. A game that requires player strategies, game theory, basketball knowledge and more, it is a new and unique concept that has emerged for the first time, allowing the best players and communities to make money and become a star player in the NFT and Crypto environment.

What is the purpose of MidesX?

Blockchain & Metaverse

Stage Two

With today's technology, using the blockchain platform to meet certain needs of our players, to integrate them with the Metaverse universe and to open new financial income doors. Apart from these, it is to give the chance to become a star basketball player in the metaverse universe for people who have disabilities such as walking, speaking, hearing and such or who could not reach their dreams due to age factor.

What is the Midesx Game?

Basketball Lovers in Here

Stage Three

Midesx Basketball game is a game where the performance statistics of the players in today's NBA competitions are supported by algorithms written in the virtual environment, evaluating and scoring the player within the framework of certain rules, organizing the users as a result of the determined scoring, and the top 50 users are rewarded using crypto money or other payment methods.

How it Work

The project is examined under 3 main headings.


Basketball GameSpecial Prize

We are working on developing a game that pays the first 50 users listed on the site/APK.


NFT Sales Special Prize

If you own NFT belonging to the Midesx Game collection via Opensea address, this token will provide you with ADDITIONAL income as the value increases.


MDS TokenSpecial Prize

We are working to create Tokens that can be used in decentralized markets, used in-game and out-of-game.


What does Midesx bring to the user?

Midesx allows users to get multiple earnings. These oppurtunities;


NFT Earning

If you own NFT belonging to the Midesx Game collection via Opensea address, this token will provide you with ADDITIONAL income as the value increases.

Daily Earning

Matches are offered to you daily on regular basis on the site/APK. The system rewards the top 50 people with the highest points from these matches with cash or crypto money.


Community Earning

The communities, created by the users that own NFT, win big prizes if they are in the listing rankings at the end of the season. This reward is shared equally by all community members by the system.

Character Earning

If you own NFT (Non-Fungible Token), you can create a character special for yourself to be used in the Metaverse universe later in the game.


How to play Midesx?

Matches and players are integrated with the NBA league. From the total players of the NBA games given daily by the Site/APK, a team is formed, 5 main and 5 substitutes, in return for the budget determined by the application.After the team's daily matches are over, the statistics of the NBA players are reflected in the application. After the statistics are determined, the score of each NBA player is determined within the rules.Then, the total of the team points established by the player using the application is determined. If the total team score is in the top 50 of other users on a daily basis, the application will gift your metamask wallet 50 dollars.


Character Earning

Thanks to the NFT (Non-Fungible Token) obtained from Opensea, the user can create 1 character on the site / apk. The character gains experience with the points he has earned from daily matches.This character is developed by leveling up with daily games for use in the Metaverse universe. The created character can be offered for sale on the site if desired, regardless of any criteria. The established character can operate in the clan.


Community Earning

Players who want can create their own communities by creating an invitation on the site and inviting their friends in their social environment. The created community is completed with a maximum of 5 users. An established community leader can remove the user from the community if desired, but cannot add a new user to the user he has removed until the end of the season.For this reason, user must be meticulous to choose the people that will be included in the community. If the community leader owns an NFT (Non-Fungible Token), if any player in the community is in the top 50 on a daily basis, other community members will get the skill regardless of whether they are among the top 50 players.The daily scores of the users in the community are collected at the end of the season and the community score is determined. At the end of the season, the top 10 communities in the community ranking will be given a $10,000 gift.

MDS Token

NFT Sales

Detailed information about NFT pre-sale and collection sale is presented to you below.

Pre Sale
4 April 2022
One Day
30% Bonus 1000 pieces Price: 0.1 ETH $250K
Public Sale
5 April 2022
Unlimited Days
20% Bonus 8950 pieces Price: 0.15 ETH $3.35M
Giveaway NFT
4 April 2022
20 Days
Unbonus 50 pieces Price: 0 ETH $ 0
Join Our
Pre-Sale List
Pre-Sale Start at 04 April 2022
NFT Name Midesx Basketball Game
NFT Pre-Sale Start 4 April 2022
NFT Collection Start 5 April 2022
NFT Production Amount 10,000 Pcs
NFT Pre-sale Amount 1,000 Pcs
NFT Giveaway Amount 50 Pcs
NFT Pre-Sale Time One Day
NFT Collection Sale Time Unlimited Days


What is Midesx Game Cycle?

Midesx is a system that does not leave its user alone and produce a game to make its user win in the line its purposes. In this system, on the other hand, it does not demand anything from the user, but on the contrary, makes it her duty to make additional payments to the user.

Sponsorship and advertising revenues form the backbone of the system.It is based on this sponsorship and advertising revenue that users can make payments such as Daily Earning, Character Earning, Community Earning, and End of Season Earning.The increase in users day by day helps to increase the rewards to be given. If it needs to be explained with a table;

Download Documents

Read Our Documents

Here is our full documents that help you to understand about us.

Game Rules
Privacy Policy
Smart Contract

Road Map

Our team is constantly working to improve the system.

2021 Q3 Concept & Research
  • Concept Development
  • Available Apps
  • Team Assemble
  • Strategic Plan
  • Preparation of Documents
2021 Q4 Web Site & NFT
  • Building the Website
  • Create System
  • Design Nft Template
  • Sales Planning
  • Create Social Platforms Account
2022 Q1 NFT-Sale & Work Partners
  • Find Business Partners
  • Nft Pre-Sale
  • Nft Sale Stage 1
  • Research & Development
2022 Q2 Web App Beta Test
  • We will test the beta version of the game we have developed on the web platform.
  • The system will continue to be developed according to the errors and feedback received.
2022 Q3 Mobil App Beta Test
  • We are also processing the mobile app to appeal to more audiences.
  • We will make the system open according to the feedback from the mobile application.
2022 Q4 MDS Token Sale
  • MDS Press Tour
  • Open global sales of MDS token.
  • Negotiations with crypto exchanges will begin.
2023 Q1 Published
  • Applications will be published.
  • The system will be associated with each other.
2023 Q2 Crowdfunding Integration
  • Smart contracts support creators
  • Ethereum tokens support
2023 Q3 Community Benefits
  • Establishing global user base
  • US start retailer selection
2023 Q4 Hardware things
  • Integration of third party controllers
  • Marketplace cooperative module
2024 Q1 More Operational
  • Integration with Private Chains, More Coin in Wallet
  • New services offered by members or business

Super Heroes

We are developing our project at full speed with our expert team in the field.

10 more people will be recruited to our team in the 2nd quarter of 2022. Write to us to apply.

Naci Demirörs
Software Developer - Founder

I have been writing code for 15 years in the software field.

Ethem Savaş
Marketing - Founder

I am promoting products with country system coordination.

Hüseyin Aydın

He is an expert who has worked on blockchain for many years.

Zeynep Paltaoğlu
Graphic Designer

I design beautiful visuals using various tools.

Timur Tül
Discord Designer

He writes and develops bots on the discord platform.

Elif Sümer
Video Maker

She has been creating and writing videos for a long time.

Betül Çemberci
Smart Contract

Performs Smart Contract development

Suat Özbaşak

Nft and smart contract specialist

Büşra Kayabaşı

Foreign language translator

Özkay Yıldız

Foreign language translator

Buse Erol
Human resources


Serhat Atakan

Graphic Designer


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